Land Promoters and Developers Federation

Regeneration specialists Countryside Partnerships has become the 59th company to join the LPDF.

The company creates places of character and quality, designed to strengthen people’s sense of belonging and build enduring value for all.

Its partnerships division specialises in medium to large-scale urban regeneration of public sector and delivering private and affordable homes.

It operates primarily in and around London, the North West of England, and from 2017, the West Midlands.

Countryside looks to develop regeneration projects in partnerships, predominately with public sector landowners, such as local authorities and housing associations.

It has a track record of delivering more than 45 regeneration projects over 30 years, making it one of the most experienced deliverers of regeneration in the UK.

Developments are mixed tenure in nature with a focus on delivering tenure-blind private affordable and private rental sector homes in line with the Group’s placemaking ethos.

Countryside believes placemaking is not just about geography. It’s about feeling and a sense of community. A place is as much about the meaning as it is the physical building.