The LPDF has come together to speak with one voice in the debate on housing and infrastructure delivery.

Our aim is to work with government, local authorities and communities up and down the country to enhance the planning process and deliver the new, sustainable homes and communities this country needs.

Land promoters and developers are supporting the UK housing land supply

Outside of London there are 541,000 dwellings with outline planning permission on sites of over 100 units.

Specialist land promoters and developers are responsible for securing outline planning permission for 41% of these homes compared to 32% for volume housebuilders.

Delivering affordable homes

Members of the LPDF are committed to delivering social benefits, including the provision of affordable housing.

Evidence shows the vast majority of schemes progressed by members of the LPDF meet policy requirements for affordable housing.

Delivering land quickly

About 40% of residential units on sites over 1,000 units have involved an active specialist land promoter and developer dealing with the technical work and planning risk to obtain outline planning permission, meaning housebuilders can get onsite and start building quicker.

Working together

Land promoters and developers work with local authorities and communities to win local consensus for developments through good design and both on site and off site benefits.

Overwhelmingly, most promoters’ schemes that secure planning consent are approved at a local level, with 94% of units on schemes of over 100 units being approved by councils, not by way of appeal.

Enhance debate and support policy

The LPDF support the government policy on housing and planning, preferring a plan-led system that recognises housing needs and supports local authorities in allocating land for development and identifying the need for delivering the key infrastructure required for well-designed new homes and communities.

The LPDF aim to:

  • Dispel the myths and misconceptions of the role of land promoters and developers in housing delivery
  • Enhance the debate on housing supply and be part of the process for finding solutions to solve the housing crisis
  • Engage with interested parties including local and national government, housebuilders, charities, local residents and other stakeholders 

Increasing diversity in the housebuilding industry

LPDF members promote land of all sizes, which appeals to a full range of housebuilders from SMEs right up to the largest in the country.

As well as attracting SME bids on smaller sites, LPDF members increase the pace of delivery and offer opportunities to different sectors of the housebuilding industry by subdividing larger sites into smaller deliverable parcels.