What is EDI?

EDI covers the range of human differences, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, social class, physical ability or attributes, religious or ethical values systems, national origin, and political beliefs.

Why is EDI important?

EDI is vital for the prosperity and variety of thought needed within the UK property sector.

The LPDF supports and promotes an equal, diverse and inclusive real estate industry. One which, embraces diversity and celebrates the unique contributions that people from different backgrounds can make to our sector, which reflects the communities we plan for. We are committed to working with our Members over time to help achieve this by sharing best practice across our sector.

We will continue to work towards supporting and uniting our membership so that collectively we can support positive change, creating a more equal, diverse and inclusive UK property workforce.

Supporting this policy approach is not just the right thing to do, it is a business necessity within an ever-evolving UK property market.

What are EDI Audits and why are they useful?

The LPDF recognises that undertaking an EDI Audit is one tool that organisations can use to begin to make meaningful steps towards becoming more diverse and inclusive.

In its simplest form an EDI Audit and resulting statement demonstrates to your organisation and those that interact with it, that equality, diversity and inclusion are important to your business.

It is a declaration that conveys a company’s commitment to EDI. It outlines, specifically, where the company’s efforts are focused and the steps they are taking to build a strong EDI culture.

EDI Tools


An EDI Audit should help to:

  • Affirm the company’s commitment to EDI.
  • Highlight your organisation's EDI-related values and goals.
  • Identify the groups that are the primary areas of focus.
  • Outline the steps the company is taking to create a stronger EDI culture. 
  • Monitor and review these actions to foster a culture of positive change.

An EDI Audit can help by encouraging the following outcomes:

  • Building trust within your organisation between employees and the leadership team.
  • Increasing the diversity of the property sector.
  • Ensuring that everyone within your organisation is treated fairly and with dignity and respect.
  • Creating a more diverse workforce, which will bring a greater range of skills, ideas, and perspectives to the table.
  • By promoting equality and diversity in the workplace, organisations can create an environment that is attractive to top talent, this helps our market sector continue to flourish with impactful, creative and talented professionals working within the property sector.


More information

If you would like more information regarding Companies offering this service please contact the LPDF.  Conversely if your organisation has already undertaken an audit, has a statement in place or have EDI policies embedded within your company’s values then please let us know so that we can actively champion and monitor our membership and work together to improve and enhance equality, diversity and inclusivity within the property sector.

The LPDF will continue to strive for a greater diversity within the property sector.  As such, please keep checking this page to view our latest initiatives and monitoring of progress as we work with our Membership on improving EDI within our industry